I have been many things in my life.  I spent 7 years, in the U.S. Air Force, as a Security Police Security specialist and got out as a SSGT.  Overall I have spent over 20 years in security, both military and civilian.  I spent 8 years and 4 months at Walmart #2459, in Sarasota, where I worked in the Garden Center.  That was when our garden center was consistently #1 in Walmart.

When I left there I decided to get another change, and went to Sarasota County Tech. Inst. to study Networking, not Amway but Cisco.  Don’t you just love the “Human Network”?

Near the end of my training I had pancreatitis(spelling?) and by the time I had finished by training, after spending a week in the lovely Doctor’s Hospital, where they took great care of me, I started to job hunt.  That was when I discovered the economy was shot.

I have also done such things as selling vacuum cleaners, worked in my brothers fiberglass shop, sold and serviced equipment for a Canadian company called Sodamystic.  I did enjoy that.

Now I am working on my Blog and hoping you will enjoy it.

I also have a blog that can be found at www.thatjoeguy.com..

Thank for you interest, Joe.

P.S.  I am sure that anyone who reads the title here will understand that the views expressed here are MINE…  and jut my view of the world..  I will not say I am a journalist, and have little, or no, training in the area..  My views are formed by my experiences, and there for my perception of event may not be the same as those who’s views are based on how the believe the world SHOULD BE..


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