To All

It is really nice to receive comments that say I have made a good point, or that you might not agree with everything I wrote..  Sure I know which article you are commenting on but, could you at least include enough information to let me know that you are really reading the article rather then just pasting in a generic praise…..

I don’t mind people putting in their web sites, I just want to be able to separate those who cut and paste from those who are making real comments…. If I can’t tell the difference I will have to delete the comments, and I don’t really like doing that as I might miss someone who really had something to say..

Thank you,

That Joe Guy.

P.S. spammers who cut and paste tend to hide the comments of people who are really trying to say something.  So I do not appreciate these fake comments, and really don’t like people who sent span track backs.

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